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David Siegel
January 03, 1958 Management Married 3
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Gail Smila (Peurifoy)
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April 05, 1958 co-owner/oilfield consulting company Married

After Texas A&M, I married and and worked in Houston for an oilfield equipment certification company for 8 years.  Then divorced, moved to Dallas, married again and worked for Aetna.  We moved to Doha, Qatar for 2 years and have been in the Champions area here since 2000.  

My husband Ken and I formed a corporation - I'm the president - he does the grunt work and is currently consulting for BP.  He commutes 50 miles per day - I commute upstairs to the computer.  It's good to be president!!

No children - two stepdaughters, both out of college.  I enjoy golf and reading.

This website is great and everyone looks wonderful in all the pictures.  We have 'matured' well!!
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Holly Smith (Morris)
November 04, 1957 Executive Director Married 2
Married, 2 grown children, 2 precious granddaughters.  "Mimi's angels".  Now I know why we have kids in the first place - they are so much fun.  We live in a small town just south of Gainesville, FL.  Work as an Executive Director at the North Florida Foundation for Research and Education during the week, and then we run a small shop in our town on the weekends.  Busy, living and loving life!   Would love to see everyone - hope I can make the 40th!  Send Holly a MessageSend Holly a Message
Kirk Smith
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September 14, 1957 Physician Married 2
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Scott Smith
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December 18, 1957 Attorney Married 3
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Frank Stainton
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October 17, 1958 Aircraft Technician Single Again 2

Hello everyone from Hampton Roads, Virginia. I havent been to any of the reunions for one reason or another, but I do love to see that everyone is doing well. 
Since WHS, Ive been married, raised two wonderful children and sent them both through college at the U of Wisconsin.
I"ve been an airline nomad since a week before the 10th reunion, which is why Im here in VA now and not in WI or TX or IN or any of the other places Ive lived. 
I'm very happy here living the "single again" life. Lots of beaches, sailing, enjoying museums, concerts, etc., but especially the wonderful people here.
I wish everyone happyness and would respond to any and all messages you'd care to send. 

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Charlie Stover
July 26, 1958 Sales Manager Married 3
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Bill Tesarek
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May 06, 1958 Management Consultant Married 3
Spent most of my time after the Navy in consulting, own my own firm.  Two of the children in collage, the third in elementary school.  Just built a house in Cypress.
Still just me, older and maybe a little wiser - naw just older.
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Fred Tubb
February 10, 1958 CEO, high tech company Married 2
Not much to say. I have been away from high school friends for many years. I hope everyone I knew at Stratford is well and that you have had a happy life! I have been very lucky. I have a wonderful family and career. My son is attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, my daughter graduates HS this year. I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I surf and sail as much as I can. I have traveled a bunch. Life only gets better, and I have never looked back.. well, except maybe this once!
Good Luck!
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William (Ty) Varner
September 11, 1956 Partner - Maggianos Restaurant Married 4
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