1) Do you like coming to Reunions?
Yes, it's so much fun to see everyone and catch up
Yes, I wish we could do it more often
They're okay
Mixed emotions about them
Would rather have oral surgery then attend a Reunion
2) What is the best part about a Reunion?
Dinner and Dancing
Music and Entertainment
Catching up with friends
Adult Beverages
Getting out for the evening
All of the above

3) How many Class Reunions have you been to?
4) If you are not attending 40th....how come?
Unfortunately have a previous engagement
Live too far away
Don't really care to see those people
Didn't have fun at the last party
Had way too much fun at the last party
Cost too much

5) Are you planning on staying at the Embassy Suites?
Maybe, still thinkin about it
Yes, staying Saturday night
Yes, staying Friday and Saturday nights
6) If you are attending 40th, how far will you travel?
Hey I'm a local, I'll be there with bells on!
Just live outside of Houston and can't wait!
Live in another city in Texas, and ready to party!
Reunions are so much fun, I'm coming from out of state!
I don't live in the friggin states, but I wouldn't miss this for nothing!