Say Cheese.....


Class of 76 Back in the Day......

Here's an album to post pictures you have from back when we were in school.  I am sure you guys have some great prom pics that could go here!

Brad, Nicky, Doug and Stuart

76 - 30th Reunion -- Roadsters

Friday night, July 2lst, 2006.  Pre-reunion mixer at Roadster's.  Casual, hot and lots of adult beverages.  We must have had fun; they kept the place open and extra two hours for us.  We must have been their best customers that day.

76 30 Yr Reunion July 22, 2006

Saturday night, July 22nd, 2006.  Reunion at the Omni Hotel - Westside.  We had 178 in attendance.  Lots of food and the Westchester 76 Reunion right across the lobby.  They said I had a good time!

Special Thanks! ... to Nicky and Suzanne V. for remembering to take pictures at our reunion!
Leslie I have only had 5 drinks!

SHS Happy Hour Pictures (multiple dates)

SHS Happy Hour  

Post any pics you have taken at any of our happy hour gatherings!

Stage, waiting for Brian to perform

Bandera Texas

Grand Opening of Longhorn Saloon
Bandera, Texas
July 7, 2007
Fine time at the Brian Black's Longhorn Saloon
Stephanie and Brad

Homecoming Oct 2007

October 2007
Rowdy Group
We stayed up late

Brad driving with Betsy to the scene of the crime.

Doug didn't show up!

Just a reminder!
What happens
when you don't show up!

Doug Dougherty didn't show up for Homecoming Party
This is what happened!


Class of 76 (Random 2007)

Upload any random photos you may have from Stratford event or any photo from last year that you would like to post.

Picture of my daughter Katie and my Niece Caroline, went to Steamboat for Spring Break.  That's my boyfriend Hoss!  Jus

Class of 76 (Random 2008)

Upload Random photos from 2008.  Stratford or others!

Me and my kids, Parents Weekend SHSU   Nov. 2008

Class of 76 (Random 2009)

Post your SHS or other random photos here from 2009.  How come I am the only one who post pictures?


Class of 76 Random photos (2010)

Anyone can post photos to these albums....special events
in your life....weddings, graduations...whatever you want
to share.

Leslie, Shelly and Tina

SHS 76 35th Reunion Pre-Reunion Mixer

Pre-Reunion Mixer, June 10, 2011 Berryhills - Market Square Woodlands, Tx

Bobby Leflar, Phill Migues, Jess Hewitt and Steve Perry

SHS 76 35th Reunion (Sat. nite)

Saturday night at Woodlands Resort & Conference Center  June 11, 2011